Founder + CEO

Chief trailblazer, master collaborator, self-proclaimed retail therapist, pun-lover. 

Passionate about helping create a world where entrepreneurs can make big waves while taking small risks, and grow businesses that truly thrive.⁠

After 20+ years working in retail and real estate development, Allison created UpNext to help reimagine the next wave of retail. 

With a keen eye for making the right connections, Allison has led the charge in guiding hundreds of founders in elevating their brands through pop-ups, and helping municipalities and developers create innovative retail projects.

Pronouns: She/her




Strategic planner, chronic multi-talker, photographer, storyteller and enneagram enthusiast.

Rachel brings her years of experience in marketing and business development to provide both strategic and creative direction to the UpNext team. 

Best known for tackling complex ideas by dreaming up creative solutions and believes failure is a healthy part of any process.

You may see her behind the camera lens when she can’t resist capturing photos to help a founder tell their brand story. 

 Pronouns: She/her



Creative Director

Illustrator, small business owner, social media guru, painfully visual creative.

​Prior to joining the team, Jill popped up through UpNext and knows first hand what it takes to have a successful pop-up.

Jill loves teaching our brands the ins and outs of social media, shop design, and brand identity.

Previous job: Film + TV Costume Designer

 Pronouns: She/her



Head of Strategic Partnerships

Brand hunter, collaboration-sparker, enthusiastic make-it-happen-er.

Ashley’s years of experience working in corporate wholesale for high-end fashion companies like Tory Burch and Nicole Miller, give her keen insight into inventory planning, profit margins, sales projections and vendor relationships. 

Motivated by seeing a brand believe in their own potential, Ashley finds joy in fueling brand collaborations and helping founders find the right opportunities to make their retail dreams a reality. 

Pronouns: She/her


Head of Community

Seasoned retail and community manager who is an expert at making meaningful connections. 

Before joining UpNext, Kristen worked in customer service and managerial positions at major retailers like L.L. Bean, J.Crew, Isis Parenting, and Restoration Hardware.

Kristin is passionate about working with people and makes sure every founder and entrepreneur we work with feels taken care of and plugged in. 

Pronouns: She/her


Project Manager

Task coordinator, process optimizer, master organizer, ie the traffic controller for the team’s workload. 

Sara has utilized her highly-tuned organizational skills to support the production of marketing and event activities like retail pop-ups, galas, concert series, weddings and corporate events.

Gets extra excited about helping small business owners gain the skills they need to be efficient and effective as they bring their beautiful visions to life. 

Pronouns: She/her


Marketing & Communications

Retail shop founder and strategic marketer with a love for storytelling and an eye for curation.

Sarah found her passion for retail through producing a highly curated annual makers market and a three-month collaborative pop-up shop. 

Loves process as much as product. Best known for developing brand voice and building community around it.  

Pronouns: She/her