Pop-In Strategy

An UpNext Crash Course

Offset your rent by hosting workshops, events, and other brands as pop-ins in your shop. With this 20+ page workbook-style crash course we teach you which rent structures work for your shop, how to streamline your application process, how to promote your pop-ins and so much more!

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A pop-in is a partnership inside an existing retail location—whether it be a brick and mortar pop-up or a permanent storefront. This includes consignment collaborations, founder meet and greets, special events, workshops, designated shelf space, and staffed sales events.

Pop-In Rent Structures

Learn the three most common rent structures used for hosting brands in your space and how to calculate which rent structure will bring you and your pop-in partners success.

Types of Pop-Ins

Discover the seven most successful types of pop-ins and how to find your perfect pop-in partners!


Marketing, Merchandising, Sales + Inventory

Implement our easy-to-execute pop-in promotion plan, our tips on merchandising, and the different ways to track sales and inventory.

"This course offered detailed insights on how to onboard vendors as a long term pop in partner. The course is very helpful and informative, worth sharing with other business owners."

Chris Tien

Founder, Alex + Theo

Earn your money back!

After completing this course, you'll have the skills to host a range of pop-ins, and earn back that $97 with your very first pop-in. Get ready to see your efforts pay off in no time!