Retail Marketing Foundations 

An UpNext Crash Course

Whether you're planning a pop-up or planning your next year in business as a brick and mortar, this crash course will help you create a thoughtful, effective retail marketing strategy that resonates with your customer and builds community around your brand.

Only $127


Inside we take a deep dive into the fundamentals of retail marketing from the launch of your brand through maintaining momentum. With over 30 pages of exercises, templates and detailed how-tos, it’s booklet chock full of resources on how to tell your story, create an impactful brand identity, connect with your community, and cultivate a strong online presence.

Grassroots Marketing

Discover easy, low-cost and very effective ways to generate excitement around your brand in your neighboring community.


Uncover the tenants of building a strong, distinct brand that connects meaningfully with your customer and translating it consistently in your marketing collateral, online presence and in-store experience.


Digital Marketing

Learn how to grow your online footprint intentionally with our top tips on batch-creating content, making your website work for you, fine-tuning your social media efforts and building that ever-important email list.

Brimming with thoughtful guidance and actionable steps, this crash course is a perfect standalone product for strengthening your marketing efforts for your permanent or pop-up retail shop. It also works well as a companion to The Pop-up Playbook for diving even deeper into your marketing strategy on an annual or as-needed basis.

Are you ready to level up your marketing?